How to Play Pokemon Indigo Successfully?


Pokémon Indigo is a type of online game for the Pokémon series, which is focused on training and capturing Pokémon so that you can become the strongest of all the players. In order to form a strong party of Pokémon, you should have a well-rounded group, which will include one rare or so-called legendary Pokémon. Rare Pokémons are very tough to find, but there is a way by which you can find them. Here are some secrets on how to be different from other players who are playing this game and how you can rule over them.

Look in Hidden Area


You will not find rare Pokémons when you first start the game. This is because they are blocked by some obstacles. So, you have to complete some challenges in order to find the areas where these rare Pokémons are found. Once you complete an important part of the game, you should check the area perfectly; in this way, you have more chances of finding the Pokémon. If you don’t find any Pokémon, you should not waste your time but move onto the next level where you can get more chances of finding the rare characters.

How to Attack a Pokémon?

Be very strong when you are about to attack a Pokémon so that it doesn’t escape. This is because of the fact that opposite Pokémon runs very easily from the battle. This strategy should be applied when you see a rare pokemon as well and always avoid killing the Pokémon in one hit. To be on the safer side of the game, always try to throw a poke ball in front of him. In addition, when this poke ball hits the Pokémon its health will reduce drastically and you can easily catch that rare Pokémon.

With these smart ways, you can catch rare Pokémon’s in Indigo game. There are many other tricks, which can be found by playing the game. Follow these tips in order to capture the rare Pokémons.