Gigabyte’s Gaming Laptop Will Now Feature the 3200×1800 ‘3K’ Screen


The Taiwan based technology-company Gigabyte is making a 3200×1800 screen on its gaming laptop, categorizing itself under all those several vendors developing “3K” displays to their PC deliveries. The gaming brand Gigabyte – AORUS showcased their X3 on Monday, just before the day of opening of Computex Trade Show at Taipei. The products are launched in two different models that includes X3 plus with 3200×1800 pixel screen.


Some people who have checked out the gaming laptop have reportedly reviewed this gaming machine as a high-end category PC. The look of the device is very surreptitious bomber-kind, with two big vents for airflow at the back. Being a gaming laptop flaunting 13.9 inches screen, X3 Plus is comparatively very thin when compared to its competing products. It is typically not a lightweight system as it weighs around 4.12 pounds, yet it’s portable to carry.

AORUS has designed the laptop very nicely by putting whistles and bells on the laptop. The mouse-pad of the laptop has a glass surface and the keyboard keys are such that it lights up.  It also includes 5 functional keys on the left corner that can be used for specific configuration while playing games. All these features together give a very premium feel to X3 Plus.


The most attractive feature obviously is the screen, which displays colors vibrantly, nearly neon like shade while opening Windows 8 interface. The trailer of the game ‘Battlefield 4’ seemed very appealing visually; the weapons fire and explosions were seen to be very sharp and had a better clarity than the normal 1080p screen.

However, you must also know that the display of X3 plus is not of touchscreen type. Higher resolution also implies that the battery life of the laptop is not very great and may last for about 4 hours maximum, as per Gigabyte.


The X3 Plus laptop will have the latest Intel fourth generation Core i7 chip and Nvidia GeForce GTX 870M graphics card. The storage configurations and memory comprises of up to 16 GB RAM and SSD of 1 Terabyte. The device also has the capability to display 4K content through Mini Display port on an attached monitor.

Well, good things come at a price and so is the case with X3 Plus model. The starting price of the model is $2,199 if purchased with a 3K screen. The cheaper model is somewhere about $2,099 with the 2560×1440 display.

The high-end models of the laptop will be available in the U.S. by the third quarter of the year.