5 Best Android Racing Games

Android Racing Games

Racing games are always hot whether you play those in mobile or any other playing device. Android is the current mobile operating where you can get 100 percent assurance that games are offered with complete excitement. Here are the 5 best Android racing games based on the Android platform.

Asphalt 6

Android Racing Games

Asphalt racing video game is certainly the best among all the racing games on Android platform. The game has more than 12 tracks and has different difficulty levels to make your way in 55 events and there will be almost 11 leagues. You can find more than forty fast and super-hot cars to choose from.

The transitions and game graphics are simply smooth and awesome. You feel like racing the car sitting in the hot seat. If you are a racing game lover, then this game is for you. You can purchase this game for just Rs 310.

GT Motor Racing Academy

Android Racing Games

This racing game is action packed and can be attained from Gameloft. The game also has fantastic visuals, high end graphics, as well as smoother controls. You can also choose from 100 cars available from various brands like Ferrari, Audi, and Mercedes.

Incorporation of exclusive physics engine makes the driving experience more realistic and sensuous. You can get the game from the official company website for just $4.99.

NFS Shift

Android Racing Games

This is a popular game and it is one of my favorites. You can also play NFS with your friends. You can see some of the best and awesome cars available in today’s market. You can win with the toughest competitors across the globe. Purchase this game from android market for $4.99.

Trial Xtreme

Android Racing Games

It is a motorcycle racing game with decent graphics and smooth transitions. You just need to balance your bike to master difficult stunts. You have to make use of both accelerometer and Touch controls to do efficient jumps, perfect landing, and flips.

You can see more than 60 varying difficulty levels. You can get this game from Android for just $1.99. You can also try the free trial that is available online.

Raging Thunder 2

Android Racing Games

It is another exciting game for racing savvy people and this game will take you through the craziest adventures such as temples, beaches, snow covered mountains, great walls, and much more. This game has single player mode as well as multi player mode. You can purchase this game from Android market for just $4.99.

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